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It is essential that staff records are correct and up to date as they will be needed to run automatic enrolment effectively.

Checking records

Staff records that are essential to be correct and up to date include:

  • dates of birth
  • salaries
  • National Insurance numbers
  • contact details
  • amounts paid into the pension scheme each pay period

Checking payroll software

If your client has payroll software:

  • check that it's designed to carry out all the automatic enrolment tasks to help them meet their ongoing automatic enrolment duties
  • that isn't designed to carry out all the automatic enrolment tasks, your client should consider updating their software, read our page on working with clients without compatible payroll software
  • they can ask their payroll or pension provider if they have a checklist of the information they’ll need and the tasks to carry out

You should also make sure that:

  • your client’s payroll software or process will work with their pension scheme to allow easy transfer of data between the two, see our page on checking payroll software supports automatic enrolment
  • if someone else manages your client's payroll, ask them to check and confirm the payroll software or process will work with the pension scheme
  • your client understands what tax relief method their pension scheme uses and ensure that the correct method is input into the payroll software 

See our Quick guide to setting up payroll (PDF, 179kb, 4 pages) for more information.

Once you've ensured your client’s payroll process works with automatic enrolment, it will help your client to be ready to pay contributions into a pension scheme and send data to their pension provider on a regular basis. It will also help them to enrol staff as they become eligible.

What letters are sent to my clients from TPR?

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) sends out letters and emails to employers to support them with their automatic enrolment duties. These letters form a series of communications which are sent to your clients during the automatic enrolment process, helping them to understand their duties and guiding them through what to do next.

You may find it useful to familiarise yourself with these, to help your clients understand what do to and by when.

Advanced guidance

These resources may help if you have more detailed questions on the above: