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Scheme management detailed guidance

Our guidance provides you with practical information, examples of approaches you could take and factors to consider. It covers issues such as administration, governance and funding for trustees, administrators and others involved in managing pension schemes.

It is not intended to be prescriptive, though in some instances it states what we consider to be good practice. Often, the methods you choose to adopt will depend on the nature of your scheme and its membership.

Our code of practice sets out the standards you should meet when complying with the law. Where applicable you should read the relevant part of code alongside our guidance.

Governing body

Skills and knowledge required by those running pension schemes. Includes the structure, systems and controls they should have in place to manage risks and conflicts of interest, and provide value for members.

Funding and investment

Investment governance and strategy requirements, environmental and social duties, and issues affecting the funding of defined benefit pension schemes such as employer covenant and integrated risk management.


Dealing with member transfers, keeping records and data. Meeting dashboards duties, maintaining and monitoring contributions. Cyber security and working with the scheme administrator.

Communications and reporting

Communications that must be produced for scheme members, information that should be publicly available and events and breaches of the law that should be reported to us.

Winding up or transferring a scheme

Closing down a pension scheme or consolidating it into another arrangement such as a superfund or master trust.

Master trust pension schemes

Guidance on the supervision and authorisation duties of master trust pension schemes.

DB superfunds

Guidance on the supervision and authorisation duties of pension arrangements used to consolidate defined benefit schemes.

Collective defined contribution schemes

Guidance relating to the authorisation of collective defined contribution (CDC) pension schemes.

Automatic enrolment detailed guidance

Detailed help with implementing the employer duties on workplace pensions.

Automatic enrolment guidance