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Automatic enrolment declaration of compliance is a secure online service.

Find out what to do if you’re acting on behalf of an employer. If you have a query about completing the declaration see our automatic enrolment declaration of compliance questions.

Start the declaration of compliance today

We recommend starting your client’s declaration as soon as you can. Adding the required information as it becomes available will help make sure you don't miss your client’s deadline. Your client’s declaration will be complete once this is done and all the required information has been submitted to us.

Start the declaration now

Key points

  • employers must tell us how they’ve met their automatic enrolment duties by providing certain information – you can do this for them
  • automatic enrolment declaration is an online process
  • you will need your client’s PAYE reference (if they have one) and either their letter code or accounts office reference number to submit the declaration    
  • if you have added 200 or more employers to your account they will not all be listed on screen, but can be found by searching for them
  • it’s possible to complete the declaration for multiple employers
  • start filling in details early on to help make sure you don’t miss the deadline

Who can complete the declaration?

It’s the employer’s duty to complete the automatic enrolment declaration of compliance - but employers can authorise someone else to act on their behalf, if they prefer. However, it’s still the employer’s responsibility to make sure all the information provided on their behalf is true and correct.

You can access the automatic enrolment declaration online service either by creating an account or proceeding as a guest. If you choose to access it as a guest, you’ll have the option to save your progress and create an account later.

You’ll need to select whether you’re declaring as the employer or if you’re acting on behalf of an employer:

  • ‘Employer’ here means anyone working within the employer organisation who is completing a declaration for only one employer.
  • If you’re completing a declaration for more than one employer within your corporate group, select ‘acting on behalf of an employer’.
  • If you don’t work within the employing organisation, for example, accountants or IFAs, select ‘acting on behalf of an employer’.

You’ll need the employer’s PAYE reference (if they have one) and either their letter code or accounts office reference number to submit the declaration.

Declaration if you are acting on behalf of an employer

Your client may ask you to complete the declaration of compliance for them. You can act on behalf of multiple clients using one account.

Anyone completing declarations for several employers within their corporate group can do it all on one account. This saves you having to sign in multiple times and generate several different user IDs.

Filling in information as you get it

We recommend starting the automatic enrolment declaration of compliance as early as possible.

You can add details that you already know, like the employer address and your own contact details. Add information as it becomes available, such as details about the pension scheme your client will use for automatic enrolment once they’ve set it up.

This will make it easier when it comes to submitting the declaration, particularly if your client delays automatic enrolment and there’s only a short amount of time between the end of the postponement period and your client’s declaration deadline.

Once you have added 200 or more employers to your agent account, they won't be displayed on your dashboard, but will instead be searchable to help you find them more quickly.

If your client’s declaration deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, you can provide the declaration on the next working day.