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Board expenses

The recent quarterly expenses for TPR's Chair and board members includes all costs incurred for travel, accommodation and meals, etc as well as any hospitality given to others or received, and are in line with our expenses policies.

Quarter 1 April to June 2022

Name Date of event Type Description (location, figure, org.) Purpose Total claim
Aston, Helen09 April 2022OtherHealth and safetyHealth and safety55.00
Aston, Helen09 April 2022OtherHealth and safetyHealth and safety30.00
Aston, Helen10 May 2022Taxi/CarBuxtedBoard meeting19.80
Counsell, Charles15 March 2022RailLondonExternal meeting47.55
Counsell, Charles17 May 2022RailLondonExternal meeting55.95
Counsell, Charles23 May 2022RailLondonExternal meeting66.95
Counsell, Charles15 March 2022RailLondonExternal meeting3.20
Counsell, Charles15 March 2022RailLondonExternal meeting1.90
Counsell, Charles15 March 2022RailLondonExternal meeting2.60
Counsell, Charles28 April 2022RailLondonExternal meeting8.90
Counsell, Charles28 April 2022RailLondonExternal meeting5.20
Counsell, Charles10 May 2022Taxi/CarBuxtedBoard meeting10.35
Counsell, Charles10 May 2022Taxi/CarBrightonBoard meeting10.35
Fairs, David04 March 2022RailLondonExternal meeting69.15
Fairs, David03 March 2022RailLondonExternal meeting69.15
Fairs, David09 March 2022RailLondonExternal meeting69.15
Fairs, David29 March 2022RailLondonInternal meeting68.75
Fairs, David16 March 2022RailLondonExternal meeting34.60
Fairs, David05 April 2022RailLondonExternal meeting45.45
Fairs, David26 April 2022RailLondonExternal meeting68.75
Fairs, David24 May 2022AccomodationEdinburghExternal meeting463.96
Fairs, David04 May 2022RailLondonExternal meeting30.60
Fairs, David24 May 2022RailEdinburghExternal meeting125.65
Fairs, David17 May 2022RailLondonExternal meeting30.60
Fairs, David09 May 2022RailLondonExternal meeting34.60
Kapernaros, Katie15 March 2022AccomodationBrightonInternal meeting75.32
Kapernaros, Katie24 March 2022RailLondonExternal meeting27.70
Kapernaros, Katie15 March 2022Taxi/CarBrightonBoard meeting39.60
Kapernaros, Katie16 March 2022Taxi/CarCheckendonBoard meeting39.60
Kapernaros, Katie11 May 2022Taxi/CarBuxtedBoard meeting41.85
Kapernaros, Katie12 May 2022Taxi/CarCheckendonBoard meeting41.85
Morson, Christopher04 April 2022AccomodationBrightonInternal meeting164.88
Morson, Christopher04 April 2022AirGatwickInternal meeting169.96
Morson, Christopher04 April 2022RailBrightonInternal meeting20.50
Morson, Christopher09 May 2022AirGatwickBoard meeting191.49
Morson, Christopher09 May 2022RailBuxtedBoard meeting10.00
Morson, Christopher09 May 2022RailBuxtedBoard meeting32.15
Parish, Nicola10 May 2022Taxi/CarBuxtedBoard meeting20.70
Parish, Nicola29 March 2022RailLondonExternal meeting75.05
Parish, Nicola15 June 2022RailLondonExternal meeting28.05
Smart, Sarah16 March 2022AccomodationBrightonInternal meeting75.32
Smart, Sarah15 March 2022AccomodationBrightonInternal meeting75.32
Smart, Sarah05 April 2022AccomodationBrightonInternal meeting81.96
Smart, Sarah13 March 2022AirLondonBoard meeting302.06
Smart, Sarah30 March 2022AirEdinburghInternal meeting138.29
Smart, Sarah15 March 2022RailBrightonBoard meeting32.10
Smart, Sarah15 March 2022RailLondonBoard meeting2.60
Smart, Sarah16 March 2022RailLondonBoard meeting31.60
Smart, Sarah16 March 2022RailLondonBoard meeting2.60
Smart, Sarah22 March 2022RailLondonExternal meeting5.20
Smart, Sarah24 March 2022RailLondonExternal meeting6.20
Smart, Sarah05 April 2022RailBrightonInternal meeting24.70
Smart, Sarah05 April 2022RailLondonInternal meeting3.20
Smart, Sarah06 April 2022RailLondonInternal meeting20.30
Smart, Sarah06 April 2022RailLondonInternal meeting2.60

*Costs may include taxi, car mileage and parking costs, and may include costs for more than one traveller.

Quarter 2 July to September 2022

Name Date of event Type Description (location, figure, org.) Purpose Total claim
Sarah Smart20/04/2022RailBrightonBoard meeting 27.90
Sarah Smart09/05/2022AirLondonBoard meeting 149.49
Sarah Smart09/05/2022RailHaywards HeathBoard meeting 26.20
Sarah Smart09/05/2022RailLondonBoard meeting 2.60
Sarah Smart09/05/2022SubsistenceDinner Board meeting 75.00
Sarah Smart11/05/2022RailLondonBoard meeting 13.40
Sarah Smart11/05/2022RailLondonBoard meeting 3.20
Sarah Smart17/05/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 2.60
Sarah Smart17/05/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 2.60
Sarah Smart25/05/2022RailEdinburgh External meeting 23.40
Sarah Smart26/05/2022RailEdinburgh External meeting 23.40
Sarah Smart16/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 1.60
Sarah Smart16/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 1.60
Sarah Smart29/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 5.20
Sarah Smart30/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 5.20
Sarah Smart04/07/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 5.20
Sarah Smart12/07/2022RailLondonBoard meeting 3.20
Sarah Smart12/07/2022RailBrightonBoard meeting 27.40
Sarah Smart13/07/2022RailLondonBoard meeting 3.20
Sarah Smart13/07/2022RailLondonBoard meeting 20.30
Sarah Smart01/08/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 5.80
Sarah Smart02/08/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 6.40
Sarah Smart02/08/2022RailBrightonExternal meeting 29.60
Sarah Smart12/07/2022SubsistenceDinner Internal meeting 25.00
Charles Counsell07/06/2022SubsistenceDinner External meeting 25.00
Charles Counsell19/07/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 2.50
Charles Counsell20/07/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 2.50
Charles Counsell20/07/2022SubsistenceLunch with external stakeholdersExternal meeting 111.94
Nicola Parish12/07/2022SubsistenceDinner with NEDsInternal meeting 25.00
Charles Counsell07/06/2022AccomodationLondonExternal meeting 193.96
Charles Counsell07/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 21.35
Charles Counsell08/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 32.35
Charles Counsell19/07/2022AccomodationLondonExternal meeting 114.26
Charles Counsell20/07/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 32.75
Charles Counsell19/07/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 21.35
David Fairs15/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 68.75
David Fairs16/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 68.75
David Fairs07/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 68.75
David Fairs14/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 68.75
David Fairs13/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 30.60
David Fairs14/06/2022RailPetersfieldExternal meeting-58.50
David Fairs05/07/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 30.60
David Fairs06/07/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 68.75
David Fairs11/07/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 30.60
David Fairs05/07/2022RailLondonExternal meeting-20.35
David Fairs05/07/2022RailPetersfieldExternal meeting 30.60
David Fairs29/09/2022AirDublinExternal meeting 155.92
Nicola Parish29/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting 28.05
Nicola Parish15/06/2022RailLondon Zones 1-6External meeting-17.80
Nicola Parish29/06/2022RailLondonExternal meeting-22.80
Walker, George09/05/2022AirEdinburgh Board meeting 158.98
Walker, George09/05/2022Taxi/CarEdinburgh Board meeting 26.59
Walker, George09/05/2022RailGatwickBoard meeting 6.60
Walker, George11/05/2022RailGatwickBoard meeting 6.60
Walker, George11/05/2022RailTramBoard meeting 6.50
Sarah Smart12/07/2022AccomodationBrightonTraining 262.46

*Costs may include taxi, car mileage and parking costs, and may include costs for more than one traveller.

Quarter 3 October to December 2022

Name Date of event Type Description (location, figure, org.) Purpose Total claim
Alison Hatcher31/10/2022HotelLondon GatwickBoard meeting158.32
Charles Counsell11/10/2022SubsistenceEvening mealExternal engagement17.75
Charles Counsell11/10/2022TaxiLiverpool Station to hotelExternal engagement6.2
Charles Counsell13/10/2022TaxiBrighton to homeExternal engagement8.8
Charles Counsell27/09/2022SubsistenceHotelSpeaking event0.96
Charles Counsell13/09/2022RailLondon VictoriaExternal meeting66.95
Charles Counsell11/10/2022RailLondon VictoriaExternal meeting30.35
Charles Counsell11/10/2022RailLiverpool Lime StreetExternal event98.35
Charles Counsell13/10/2022RailBrighton StationExternal event20.55
Charles Counsell27/09/2022RailLondon VictoriaExternal meeting66.95
Charles Counsell26/10/2022RailLondon VictoriaExternal meeting66.95
Charles Counsell20/12/2022SubsistenceHotel feeExternal meeting0.96
Charles Counsell14/11/2022HotelLondon GatwickExternal meeting105.96
Charles Counsell08/11/2022RailLondon VictoriaExternal meeting66.95
Charles Counsell15/11/2022RailBrighton StationExternal meeting32.75
Charles Counsell14/11/2022RailLondon VictoriaExternal meeting30.35
Charles Counsell24/11/2022RailBrighton StationExternal meeting20.55
Charles Counsell24/11/2022RailLondon VictoriaExternal meeting21.35
Chris Morson31/10/2022HotelLondon GatwickBoard meeting158.32
Christopher Morson31/10/2022AirEDINBURGH/LGW RTNBoard meeting200.46
Christopher Morson31/10/2022RailLGW/BRIGHTONBoard meeting15.55
Christopher Morson02/11/2022RailBRIGHTON/LGWBoard meeting23
David Fairs08/09/2022RailLondon Zones 1-6External speaking event31.1
David Fairs05/09/2022RailLondon VictoriaExternal event30.6
David Fairs07/09/2022RailZONE U1* LONDNExternal meeting45.45
David Fairs30/09/2022RailPetersfieldExternal meeting37.4
David Fairs22/09/2022RailZONE U1* LONDNSpeaking event30.6
David Fairs11/10/2022RailLiverpool Lime StreetSpeaking event267.65
David Fairs19/10/2022RailPetersfieldExternal event22.85
David Fairs19/10/2022RailZONE U1* LONDNExternal meeting68.75
David Fairs03/11/2022Web TransactionBratislavaExternal event226.98
David Fairs25/10/2022RailZONE U1* LONDNExternal event30.05
David Fairs01/11/2022HotelLondon GatwickBoard meeting and strategy day71.96
David Fairs16/11/2022HotelEdinburghExternal meeting83.45
David Fairs30/11/2022RailLondon Zones 1-6External event18.05
David Fairs16/11/2022RailEdinburghExternal meeting200.8
David Fairs30/09/2022RailPetersfieldExternal meeting-27.15
David Fairs08/11/2022RailZONE U1* LONDNExternal event45.5
David Fairs15/11/2022RailZONE U1* LONDNExternal meeting68.75
David Fairs19/10/2022RailZONE U1* LONDNExternal meeting-58.5
David Fairs22/11/2022RailLondon Zones 1-6External event18.05
David Fairs23/11/2022RailZONE U1* LONDNExternal event30.6
David Fairs24/11/2022RailZONE U1* LONDNExternal event30.6
David Fairs29/11/2022RailZONE U1* LONDNExternal event45.45
George Walker31/10/2022HotelLondon GatwickBoard meeting158.24
George Walker31/10/2022AirLondon GatwickBoard meeting315.94
George Walker31/10/2022RailBrighton StationBoard meeting23.85
Mandy Clarke31/10/2022SubsistenceHotel feeBoard meeting0.96
MNicola Parish16/11/2022RailLondon VictoriaSpeaking event42.75
Nicola Parish31/10/2022RailLondon Zones 1-6Speaking event75.05
Nicola Parish01/12/2022RailLondon Zones 1-6Speaking event75.05
Sarah Smart11/10/2022HotelLiverpoolExternal meeting256.56
Sarah Smart31/10/2022HotelLondon GatwickBoard meeting158.24
Sarah Smart30/11/2022HotelLondon GatwickTPR meetings254.26
Sarah Smart24/08/2022RailLondon undergroundExternal meeting5.2
Sarah Smart31/08/2022RailLondon to Brighton returnInternal meetings29.6
Sarah Smart31/08/2022RailLondon undergroundInternal meetings2.6
Sarah Smart06/09/2022RailLondon undergroundSpeaking event5.2
Sarah Smart21/09/2022RailLondon undergroundTraining event6.4
Sarah Smart27/09/2022RailLondon undergroundSpeaking event5.8
Sarah Smart11/10/2022RailEuston to Liverpool RTNExternal event139.5
Sarah Smart31/10/2022SubsistenceNEC meeting over dinnerInternal meetings25
Sarah Smart04/10/2022RailLondon undergroundExternal event5.8
Sarah Smart11/10/2022RailLondon undergroundExternal meeting5.1
Sarah Smart13/10/2022RailLondon UndergroundExternal event2.6
Sarah Smart18/10/2022RailLondon undergroundExternal meetings5.2
Sarah Smart19/10/2022RailLDN - BTN - returnInternal meetings29.6
Sarah Smart19/10/2022RailLondon undergroundInternal meetings5.8
Sarah Smart25/10/2022RailLondon undergroundExternal lunch engagement5.2
Sarah Smart28/10/2022RailLondon undergroundExternal stakeholders Board meeting3.4
Sarah Smart31/10/2022RailLDN - BTNBoard and Strategy away day20.3
Sarah Smart02/11/2022RailBTN - LDNReturn from Board20.3
Sarah Smart02/11/2022RailLondon undergroundReturn from Board2.6

*Costs may include taxi, car mileage and parking costs, and may include costs for more than one traveller.

Quarter 4 January to March 2023

Name Date of event Type Description (location, figure, org.) Purpose Total claim
Aston, Helen05/01/2023OtherLondonProfessional subscription415.00
Counsell, Charles14/01/2023SubsistenceLunch x2 External meeting17.16
Counsell, Charles18/01/2023RailLondon Victoria to BrightonExternal meeting38.85
Counsell, Charles25/01/2023RailLondon Victoria to BrightonExternal meeting38.85
Counsell, Charles08/02/2023RailLondon Victoria to BrightonExternal meeting66.95
Counsell, Charles22/02/2023RailLondon Victoria to BrightonExternal meeting58.50
Counsell, Charles01/03/2023RailEast Croydon to BrightonExternal meeting28.80
Fairs, David11/01/2023RailPetersfield London Zones 1-6External meeting68.75
Fairs, David16/01/2023RailPetersfield London Zones 1-6External meeting68.75
Fairs, David18/01/2023RailPetersfield London Zones 1-6External event68.75
Fairs, David23/01/2023RailPetersfield London Zones 1-6External meeting68.75
Fairs, David25/01/2023RailPetersfield London Zones 1-6External event68.75
Fairs, David30/01/2023RailPetersfield London Zones 1-6External meeting68.85
Fairs, David06/02/2023RailPetersfield London Zones 1-6External meeting68.85
Fairs, David13/02/2023RailGuildford to ZONE U1* LONDNExternal meeting34.85
Fairs, David23/02/2023RailPetersfield London Zones 1-6TPR/External event68.50
Fairs, David28/02/2023RailPetersfield London Zones 1-6External meeting34.30
Fairs, David28/02/2023RailPetersfield London Zones 1-6External meeting13.35
Fairs, David01/03/2023RailPetersfield London Zones 1-6External meeting36.75
Parish, Nicola24/01/2023RailEastbourne London Zones 1-6TPR event75.05
Parish, Nicola07/02/2023RailEastbourne to London BridgeExternal meetings38.05

*Costs may include taxi, car mileage and parking costs, and may include costs for more than one traveller.

Quarter 1 April to June 2023

Name Date of event Type Description (location, figure, org.) Purpose Total claim
Aston, Helen16 May 2023MileageBrighton to BuxtedBoard meeting18.00
Aston, Helen03 April 2023OtherCIPFAProfessional subscription180.75
Clarke, Mandy30 November 2022MileageChippenham to NH BrightonInternal meeting35.00
Clarke, Mandy02 December 2022MileageBrighton NH to ChippenhamInternal meeting35.00
Clarke, Mandy22 March 2023MileageSN15 3FS to NH BrightonBoard meeting35.00
Clarke, Mandy23 March 2023MileageNH Brighton - SN15 3FSBoard meeting35.00
Clarke, Mandy23 March 2023AccomodationBrightonBoard meeting79.00
Clarke, Mandy15 May 2023MileageChippenham to Buxted RTNBoard meeting71.50
Clarke, Mandy22 March 2023AccomodationBrightonBoard meeting79.80
Counsell, Charles14 March 2023RailLondonExternal meeting40.90
Delfas, Nausicaa22 March 2023AccomodationBrightonBoard meeting79.00
Delfas, Nausicaa15 May 2023MileageWimbledon to Buxted Board meeting22.25
Delfas, Nausicaa17 May 2023MileageBuxted to WimbledonBoard meeting22.25
Delfas, Nausicaa25 April 2023SubsistenceLunchExternal meeting8.55
Delfas, Nausicaa06 April 2023RailLondon UndergroundExternal meeting3.50
Delfas, Nausicaa06 April 2023RailLondon UndergroundExternal meeting3.00
Delfas, Nausicaa13 April 2023RailLondon Underground RTNExternal meeting9.60
Delfas, Nausicaa19 April 2023RailLondon UndergroundExternal meeting9.60
Delfas, Nausicaa20 April 2023RailLondon UndergroundExternal meeting9.60
Delfas, Nausicaa25 April 2023RailLondon UndergroundExternal meeting9.00
Delfas, Nausicaa02 May 2023RailLondon UndergroundExternal meeting13.20
Delfas, Nausicaa03 May 2023RailLondon UndergroundExternal meeting9.60
Delfas, Nausicaa25 April 2023MileageSW19 3LB to SL7 2EYExternal meeting20.25
Delfas, Nausicaa25 April 2023MileageSL7 2EY to SWI9 3LBExternal meeting20.25
Delfas, Nausicaa05 June 2023AirLondon - EdinburghExternal meeting469.60
Fairs, David02 March 2023RailLondonExternal meeting17.80
Fairs, David14 March 2023RailLondonExternal meeting25.80
Hatcher, Alison22 March 2023RailKettering to Brighton RTNBoard meeting181.00
Hatcher, Alison22 March 2023AccomodationBrightonBoard meeting79.00
Hatcher, Alison01 March 2023SubsistenceEvening mealBoard meeting15.00
Hatcher, Alison01 March 2023RailKettering to Brighton RTNBoard meeting102.60
Hatcher, Alison22 March 2023AccomodationBrightonBoard meeting79.60
Kapernaros, Katie22 March 2023AccomodationBrightonBoard meeting79.80
Morson, Christopher07 March 2023SubsistenceEvening MealInternal meeting25.00
Morson, Christopher21 March 2023SubsistenceEvening mealBoard meeting25.00
Morson, Christopher22 March 2023SubsistenceEvening mealBoard meeting25.00
Morson, Christopher07 March 2023AirEdinburgh Gatwick RTNInternal meeting123.46
Morson, Christopher21 March 2023AirEdinburgh Gatwick RTNBoard meeting153.96
Morson, Christopher07 March 2023RailGatwick Brighton RTNInternal meeting16.50
Morson, Christopher21 March 2023RailGatwick Brighton RTNBoard meeting16.50
Morson, Christopher15 May 2023AirEdinburgh to LCY RTNBoard meeting215.89
Morson, Christopher15 May 2023RailLondon to Buxted Board meeting25.54
Morson, Christopher15 May 2023Taxi/CarHome to AirportBoard meeting25.00
Morson, Christopher15 May 2023Taxi/CarBuxted Stn to venueBoard meeting10.00
Morson, Christopher06 June 2023SubsistenceEvening meal - Board awaydayBoard meeting25.00
Morson, Christopher21 March 2023AccomodationBrightonBoard meeting160.40
Morson, Christopher07 March 2023AccomodationBrightonInternal meeting73.40
Parish, Nicola06 October 2022MileageEastbourne to Ashdown Park HotelExternal meeting25.20
Parish, Nicola02 May 2023RailBrighton - London Zone U1256External meeting90.80
Parish, Nicola13 June 2023RailEastbourne - London RTNExternal meeting74.80
Smart, Sarah22 March 2023AccomodationBrighton hotelBoard meeting79.00
Smart, Sarah22 March 2023SubsistenceDinner for 9 incl NEDs + ExecsBoard meeting225.00
Smart, Sarah20 March 2023SubsistenceLunch - Chair + CEOInternal meeting45.96
Smart, Sarah19 March 2023AirEdinburgh to London GTW RTNBoard meeting244.29
Smart, Sarah19 March 2023RailGatwick Airport to BrightonBoard meeting4.50
Smart, Sarah20 March 2023RailBrighton to LondonExternal meeting12.20
Smart, Sarah20 March 2023RailLondon UndergroundExternal meeting2.70
Smart, Sarah20 March 2023RailLondon UndergroundExternal meeting2.80
Smart, Sarah21 March 2023RailLondon UndergroundExternal meeting3.40
Smart, Sarah22 March 2023RailLondon to BrightonBoard meeting29.00
Smart, Sarah22 March 2023RailLondon UndergroundBoard meeting3.40
Smart, Sarah23 March 2023RailRTN Brighton to LondonBoard meeting21.50
Smart, Sarah23 March 2023RailLondon UndergroundBoard meeting2.80
Smart, Sarah24 March 2023RailLondon UndergroundBoard meeting1.90
Walker, George06 February 2023SubsistenceEvening meal - 31/10/22Board meeting25.00
Walker, George06 February 2023AirEdinburgh Gatwick RTN - 11/05/22Board meeting158.98
Walker, George06 February 2023Taxi/CarE/ Airport to Edinburgh - 11/05/22Board meeting6.50
Walker, George06 February 2023RailGatwick to Haywards Hth - 09/05/22Board meeting6.60
Walker, George06 February 2023RailHaywards Hth to Gatwick - 11/05/22Board meeting6.60
Walker, George06 February 2023RailEdinburgh Airport to home - 31/10/22Board meeting6.50
Walker, George06 February 2023RailHome to Edinburgh Airport - 02/11/22Board meeting6.50
Walker, George06 February 2023Taxi/CarHaywards Hth to Buxted - 09/05/22Board meeting37.00
Walker, George06 February 2023Taxi/CarHome to Edinburgh Airport - 09/05/22Board meeting24.59
Walker, George21 March 2023AccomodationBrightonBoard meeting160.40

*Costs may include taxi, car mileage and parking costs, and may include costs for more than one traveller.

Quarter 2 July to September 2023

Name Date of event Type Description (location, figure, org.) Purpose Total claim
Clarke, Mandy11 July 2023ParkingBrightonBoard meeting 33.60
Clarke, Mandy11 July 2023MileageChippenham to BrightonBoard meeting 63.00
Clarke, Mandy13 July 2023MileageBrighton to ChippenhamBoard meeting 63.00
Delfas, Nausicaa19 May 2023SubsistenceLunchExternal meeting 6.75
Delfas, Nausicaa19 May 2023RailWimbledon - Paddington RTNExternal meeting 3.00
Delfas, Nausicaa22 May 2023RailWimbledon - Waterloo RTNExternal meeting 9.60
Delfas, Nausicaa23 May 2023RailWimbledon - Moorgate RTNExternal meeting 6.70
Delfas, Nausicaa24 May 2023SubsistenceBreakfastExternal meeting 5.00
Delfas, Nausicaa24 May 2023SubsistenceLunchExternal meeting 6.95
Delfas, Nausicaa24 May 2023RailWinmbledon/Chancery Ln/Tower Hill/Cannon St RTNExternal meeting 9.60
Delfas, Nausicaa31 May 2023RailWimbledon - Bank RTNExternal meeting 9.60
Delfas, Nausicaa05 June 2023SubsistenceRefreshment at airportExternal meeting 2.79
Delfas, Nausicaa05 June 2023Taxi/CarTaxi - Edinburgh Airport to hotelExternal meeting 28.00
Delfas, Nausicaa05 June 2023Taxi/CarTaxi - hotel to meeting venueExternal meeting 7.00
Delfas, Nausicaa05 June 2023AccomodationIbis St AndrewsExternal meeting 536.00
Delfas, Nausicaa06 June 2023SubsistenceEvening MealExternal meeting 22.00
Delfas, Nausicaa06 June 2023Taxi/CarHotel to Edinburgh - conferenceExternal meeting 20.00
Delfas, Nausicaa07 June 2023SubsistenceRefreshment at airportExternal meeting 1.20
Delfas, Nausicaa07 June 2023AccomodationEdinburgh HotelExternal meeting 336.00
Delfas, Nausicaa08 June 2023RailWimbledon - Westminster RTNExternal meeting 6.70
Delfas, Nausicaa14 June 2023RailWimbledon/Westminster/St Pauls/Mansion Hse RTNExternal meeting 9.60
Delfas, Nausicaa26 June 2023RailWimbledon - Vauxhall RTNExternal meeting 12.70
Delfas, Nausicaa28 June 2023RailWimbledon - Moorgate and London Bridge RTNExternal meeting 6.00
Delfas, Nausicaa28 June 2023SubsistenceLunchExternal meeting 5.05
Delfas, Nausicaa07 July 2023SubsistenceLunchExternal meeting 4.15
Delfas, Nausicaa11 July 2023MileageLondon - Ascot RTNExternal meeting 23.85
Delfas, Nausicaa18 July 2023Taxi/CarTelecom House - Leonardo Hotel, BTNExternal meeting 10.80
Delfas, Nausicaa18 July 2023Taxi/CarLeonardo Hotel, BTN - Telecom House External meeting 13.40
Delfas, Nausicaa22 July 2023SubsistenceLunchExternal meeting 5.10
Kapernaros, Katie13 July 2023ParkingReading StationBoard meeting 32.31
Kapernaros, Katie13 July 2023RailReading - Brighton RTNBoard meeting 94.09
Kapernaros, Katie10 August 2023AccomodationLeonardo BrightonBoard meeting 79.00
Kapernaros, Katie10 August 2023RailBrighton - Reading RTNBoard meeting 65.39
Kapernaros, Katie10 August 2023Taxi/CarTaxi from stationBoard meeting 30.00
Morson, Christopher10 July 2023AirEdinburgh - Gatwick - EdinburghBoard meeting 180.46
Morson, Christopher10 July 2023RailGatwick to BrightonBoard meeting 23.45
Morson, Christopher10 July 2023SubsistenceEvening MealBoard meeting 25.00
Morson, Christopher10 July 2023Taxi/CarHome to airportBoard meeting 26.00
Morson, Christopher11 July 2023AccomodationLeonardo BrightonInternal meeting 367.20
Parish, Nicola13 June 2023RailRefunded - Eastbourne/London VictoriaExternal meeting-69.80
Smart, Sarah24 April 2023RailUndergroundInternal meeting 1.90
Smart, Sarah24 April 2023AirEdinburgh to LondonInternal meeting 249.89
Smart, Sarah24 April 2023RailUndergroundInternal meeting 1.90
Smart, Sarah25 April 2023RailUndergroundExternal meeting 2.30
Smart, Sarah25 April 2023RailLondon to BrightonInternal meeting 31.30
Smart, Sarah25 April 2023RailUndergroundInternal meeting 3.40
Smart, Sarah26 April 2023RailUndergroundExternal meeting 2.80
Smart, Sarah26 April 2023RailUndergroundExternal meeting 2.60
Smart, Sarah26 April 2023RailUndergroundExternal meeting 2.70
Smart, Sarah02 May 2023RailUndergroundExternal meeting 1.80
Smart, Sarah02 May 2023AirEdinburgh to London RTNExternal meeting 205.95
Smart, Sarah14 May 2023AirInverness - GatwickBoard meeting 113.99
Smart, Sarah18 May 2023AirLuton - InvernessBoard meeting 51.99
Smart, Sarah05 June 2023RailInverness - EdinburghExternal meeting 50.00
Smart, Sarah05 June 2023RailEdinburgh - InvernessExternal meeting 30.25
Smart, Sarah06 June 2023AccomodationIbis St AndrewsExternal meeting 354.00
Smart, Sarah07 June 2023RailEdinburgh - LondonExternal meeting 83.70
Smart, Sarah07 June 2023AccomodationEdinburgh hotelExternal meeting 336.00
Smart, Sarah08 June 2023RailUndergroundExternal meeting 3.40
Smart, Sarah09 June 2023AirLondon - InvernessExternal meeting 121.99
Smart, Sarah11 July 2023ParkingInverness AirportBoard meeting 44.00
Smart, Sarah11 July 2023AirInverness - London RTNBoard meeting 165.98

*Costs may include taxi, car mileage and parking costs, and may include costs for more than one traveller.

Gifts and hospitality received quarter 3 October to December 2022

Name Title Date Organisation Type
Counsell, CharlesCEO11/10/2022Financial and professional servicesHospitality
Counsell, CharlesCEO19/10/2022Financial and professional servicesHospitality
Counsell, CharlesCEO26/10/2022Financial and professional servicesHospitality
Fairs, DavidExecutive Director04/11/2022Overseas governmentGift

Gifts and hospitality received quarter 4 January to March 2023

Name Title Date Organisation Type
Aston, HelenNon-executive Director07/03/2023Financial and professional servicesHospitality