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Penalty notices

This page provides details of Escalating Penalty Notices for automatic enrolment breaches, fines for scheme return breaches and fines for certain other disclosure and reporting breaches.

Section 89 of the Pensions Act 2004 gives us the power to publish information on cases where we have used or considered using our powers.

Our decision to publish information, including details of our enforcement cases, ensures we are transparent about the use of our powers, and plays an important role in informing and educating those we regulate about our decisions and actions, and can therefore serve as a deterrent to non-compliance.

Tables (a) and (b) name certain categories of employers who have received an Escalating Penalty Notice (EPN) for breaches relating to automatic enrolment under the Pensions Act 2008.

We are publishing a new list of named employers who have either paid an EPN but remain non-compliant, or who have been subject to a court order to enforce payment of an unpaid EPN.

Specifically, we now name those who have paid EPNs in excess of £14,000 but remain non-compliant, as well as those who have failed to pay an EPN in excess of £24,500 and have been made subject to a court order as a result.

Please note that penalties are listed when they become payable but may relate to an historical breach.

Table (c) names pension schemes which have failed to complete a scheme return on time. Trustees have a legal obligation to give us information about their pension scheme by completing a scheme return when required and can be fined under Section 10 of the Pensions Act 1995 for failure to do so.

In table (d) we name those schemes whose trustees have received a fine for failure to publish their climate change report on time. Under The Occupational Pension Schemes (Climate Change Governance and Reporting) Regulations 2021, trustees of certain schemes have a legal requirement to publish a climate change report within 7 months of their scheme year end. The report must be on a publicly available website and accessible free of charge.

Penalties are listed when they have been paid but may relate to an historical breach.

Employer non-compliant, subject to further action (EPN paid)

Table (a) - 1 July to 31 December 2023

Employer name District Paid
WSP Glamorgan Consultancy Limited London £52,500.00
Radii Partitioning Limited London £52,500.00
Step Forward Support Services Ltd Telford £24,669.75
Childrens Choice Nursery Limited Warrington £24,500.00
ASI London B Limited London £24,500.00
Greedy Sheep Inns Ltd Newcastle £14,169.75
Liznett Care Services Ltd Dartford £14,169.75
Towneley House Blackburn £14,169.75
Zonewhirl Limited Cardiff £14,169.75
Elite Protective Coatings Limited Wakefield £14,047.00
Harmonic Medical Sonography Limited Warrington £14,047.00
Proficient Security Ltd London £14,047.00
Swansea Bay Logistics Ltd Swansea £14,047.00
Dunn AC Limited Tonbridge £14,047.00
Hodge & Wilson Ltd Harrow £14,047.00
G W Jones Cambrian Cyf Llandudno £14,000.00
Oaktree HR Limited Darlington £14,000.00
Santo Mare Trading Limited London £14,000.00
Tank Industrial Maintenance Ltd Sheffield £14,000.00
Unity in Care Ltd Guildford £14,000.00
Serrula Research Limited London £14,000.00
Taskforce (GB) Ltd Reading £14,000.00
Willsecure Limited Truro £14,000.00

Unpaid EPNs subject to a Court Order

Table (b) - 1 July to 31 December 2023

Employer name District Amount
Zobra Limited Manchester £87,500.00
PBHS Utilities Limited Barnsley £55,720.00
Care Division Recruitment Ltd London £52,500.00
Clean Cleaning Ltd Wolverhampton £52,500.00
Green Your Space Group Ltd
Luton £52,500.00
Malcolm Macarthur and Son Ltd
Kilsyth £52,500.00
My Homecare HFW Ltd Mayor's and City of London £52,500.00
INA Healthcare Ltd Norwich £52,500.00
Bettermed Care Ltd Luton £52,500.00
Myntpay Ltd Liverpool £52,500.00
RT Staffing Ltd Newcastle upon Tyne £29,500.00
The Chartridge Regency Limited Peterborough £28,400.00
General Express Services Limited
Dartford £28,000.00
Open World 2 Limited Romford £28,000.00
Mayfair Cars Northampton Ltd Northampton £27,200.00
Crestar Healthcare Limited Birmingham £25,200.00

Scheme return fines – failing to submit to us on time

Table (c) - 1 July to 31 December 2023

No scheme return fines issued during this period.

Climate Change Governance and Reporting fines – failure to correctly publish a Climate Change report on time

Table (d) - 1 July to 31 December 2023

No scheme return fines issued during this period.