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Publishing your report

Issued: June 2021
Last updated: September 2022


Read paragraphs 1 to 20 of part 4 of the DWP’s statutory guidance for more on how and where you must publish your climate change report and how you must notify members. A summary is required is set out below.

This includes specific requirements regarding publication on a publicly available website, free of charge.

You must produce and publish your report within seven months of the end of any scheme year in which you were subject to the requirements unless you are exempt as described in Regulation 6(2).

Your report should include a plain English summary of your main findings.

The report must be signed by the chair of trustees, although you do not need to publish the signature.

You need to include the website address where the report has been published in your scheme return.

This website address must also be included in your Annual Report. You should also include a short summary explaining where the link will take the reader. You may also wish to include a brief explanation of what the climate change report is, why it is important, and a high-level summary of the main findings.

A statement that the report is available on a website, together with the website address and details of where to find and how to read the information, must also be included in the Annual Benefit Statement and, where relevant, the Annual Funding Statement.

Examples of factors to consider in order to take into account the needs of disabled people can be found on paragraphs 13 to 17 of part 4 of the DWP’s statutory guidance.

Appendix 1: a step-by-step example of following the climate change guidance