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I'm an employer who doesn't have to provide a pension now

Based on the information you've provided you still need to complete the steps below. Your automatic enrolment duties start when you employ your first member of staff (duties start date).

If you don't have staff who must be put into a pension scheme now, you still have other duties which include completing your declaration of compliance. Remember, automatic enrolment is your legal duty and if you don't act in time you could be fined. You'll also need to monitor your staff's circumstances in case you need to put any staff into a scheme in the future.

What you need to do and by when

1. Check that you don't have staff to put into a pension scheme

You must work out how much each member of staff earns and how old they were on your duties start date, to check that they don't need to be put into a scheme.

Do this on your duties start date

2. Write to your staff

You must write to each member of staff within six weeks of your duties start date. We have letter templates you can amend for this.

Do this within 6 weeks of your duties start date

3. Declare your compliance

Complete your declaration of compliance to tell us how you've met your automatic enrolment duties. Do this by your declaration deadline or you may be fined.

Do this within 5 months of your duties start date

What do I need to do if my circumstances change?

You must monitor the ages and amount you pay your staff (including new starters) to see if you need to put any of them into a pension scheme. Read more about your ongoing duties.